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MEEC’s Apple Inc. agreement offers members Apple’s Education Institution discounts under the negotiated USM terms and conditions. To purchase products offered by Apple, members in good standing must complete the agreement’s “piggyback” Consent Form. Contact the MEEC Office at meec-office@usmd.edu for copies of the Agreement and Consent Form.
Apple’s K-12 and Higher Education Institutions Price Lists, are available at https://www.apple.com/education/pricelists/. Visit the Apple Education Online Store at http://www.apple.com/education/store for information on Apple products and third-party peripherals.

Apple, Inc. representatives are listed below.

Higher Education:

Scott McDowell

E-mail:  jmcdowell@apple.com:

Phone:  301.963.3668

K12 MD Public/Private/Independent Schools and Libraries

Rock Daigle, Inside Account Executive

E-mail: rdaigle@apple.com

Phone:  512.674.2812

Fax:  866.845.2999


Gene Longo, Local Account Executive

E-mail: gene_longo@apple.com

Phone: 443-253-9664