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Audio Visual Equipment Vendors

MEEC established an Audio Visual Agreement in October, 2013. Twenty two vendors were awarded contracts in a variety of categories. The list of categories and vendors, with links to additional information are listed below. Summary table of Vendors and their authorized Categories.  Fully executed contract with each vendor remains in effect through October 2016 (Extended to 10/23/2018).  Contracts were awarded through a competitive proposal process, following the USM procurement policies and procedures. Approval was granted by the Board of Regents.  The Audio Visual Services Agreement is located on this page.
Contract Details
RFP Number: #TU-1350

Contract Number: #TU-1350

Contract Term:  10/1/2013 – 10/1/2016 Extended to 10/23/2018

Extensions: 2 have been executed

Services:  For your convenience the list of services negotiated are listed below and link to the list of vendors awarded in that category.

Audio Visual Categories

MEEC Audio Visual Vendors