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Webinar - SLAIT -Preventing Attacks 11/8, 10am to 11am

Preventing Credential-Based Attacks

October 31, 2017 4:11 PM
SLAIT Consulting-Preventing Credential-Based Attacks
11/8/2017, 10am to 11am


"The theft and use of stolen passwords is one of the oldest attacks in the book, yet it remains highly effective. Defending against cyberattacks is a tough business, especially when attackers pose as authenticated users on your network. With stolen credentials, an adversary can bypass the entire malware/exploit attack lifecycle by impersonating a valid user, abusing credentials from within.


Attend this webinar to learn:


- What the typical lifecycle of credential-based attacks is – with real-life use cases.

- How to prevent attackers from moving laterally and accessing your data with stolen credentials.

- How to prevent employee credentials from ever leaving your organization.


**Targeted Audience…End-users, customers, prospects



Eric Leff, Senior Network Engineer, SLAIT Consulting

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