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Webinar - Adobe Enterprise Renewal & New Adobe Sign 8/2 11AM

Adobe Enterprise Renewal for 2018-2019 new Adobe Options

July 20, 2018 11:17 AM


In this webinar, we will be going over the timeline for the Adobe Enterprise Renewal for 2018-2019 along with new Adobe Sign options available to MEEC institutions.

In this competitive Higher Education landscape, using Adobe Sign and digital workflows can buy you back 30%-50% of your daily routine and allow you to focus your efforts on the reason you were hired – To interact with your internal and external colleagues more efficiently and allow yourself more time for critical thinking and to solve the real problems and challenges within your organization.

Please attend a webinar hosted by Adobe to see how Adobe Sign can improve efficiencies within your workgroup environment.


Tom Bernetich, Digital Practice Lead, Adobe Document Cloud

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