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Daly Computers & Palo Alto Networks Security Day @MEEC

In-Person Seminar, 12/5/2018, 8am - 2pm

November 16, 2018 12:40 PM


State of Security Overview in Education

Challenges facing Higher Education and K-12(Complexity, Automation, Scalability and Cloud):

  • Campus networks have had to keep up with increasing demand for bandwidth, while maintaining high network performance and availability
  • Managing and maintaining consistent security on BYOD and School issued devices
  • Preventing data breaches and the loss of sensitive information, including financial transactions, personal data and intellectual property, resulting from third-party-funded research.
  • Manage disjointed, distributed networks and endpoint security.
  • Securing district data centers and cloud resources 
  • Protecting a plethora of devices and operating systems
  • Enforcing various security policies for students, teachers and administrators across a large or geographically distributed school district.


  • The Palo Alto Networks security operating platform is built on core security principles. Application and user visibility is provided through our APP-ID and USER-ID capabilities for identity management security. Virtual Segmentation allows us to limit the scope of vulnerability, limit data exfiltration, and limit the scope of compliance. We can protect both North-South via public, private or hybrid cloud, and East- via existing hardware and virtual machines. Advanced and Zero Day Attack prevention and remediation is provided down to the endpoints via our platform approach that is powered through our threat intelligence engine. Palo Alto Networks Next-Generation Security Platform provides Higher Education and K-12 institutions around the world with coordinated, highly effective, and easily administered threat prevention, protecting sensitive data and ensuring regulatory compliance while maintaining high network performance.




8am-9am Registration

9am-9:15am- Welcome- Daly Computers

9:15am- 10:15am State of Security Overview in Education

10:15am-11am Break

11am-12pm- Palo Alto Platform Overview

12pm- 1pm  Lunch

1pm-2pm Traps Overview-



Targeted Audience

All MEEC members




Jason Keller, Named Account Manager – Palo Alto Networks

Paul Hill, Systems Engineer, Daly Computers, Inc.

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