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Webinar - Campus Works - Shared Services 12/12, 10 -11AM

Shared Services: Why Go 'IT' Alone?

December 6, 2018 11:17 AM


MEEC Members Don't Have to Go 'IT' Alone

Higher education institutions across the nation are struggling to meet the increasing demand for IT services in the face of budget cuts and talent shortages. When it comes to information technology, the price of ""going it alone"" is becoming ever more costly. As a member of MEEC, you have a unique opportunity to lower costs and increase student success by sharing services with fellow consortia members.


Whether shared services is a brand new concept or you're in the process of considering it, this complimentary webinar will help position your institution for success by teaching you how to:

•          Identify share partners.

•          Increase efficiency, reduce administrative IT costs, and improve service using shared services.

•          Select the right shared services model for your institution.

•          Implement shared services best practices.

•          Avoid common pitfalls.


Targeted Audience

All MEEC Members



Liz Murphy, Chief Evangelist, CampusWorks, Inc.


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