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Webinar - NFF - Your Security Vision a Reality 2/21 11-11am

February 13, 2019 12:02 PM


Making Your Security Vision a Reality

Today, Information Technology (IT) teams at K-12 schools and higher education institutions are tasked with not only keeping the network secure, but also with protecting the physical safety of students, faculty, and staff. These serious responsibilities, paired with limited resources, create a challenge for education IT teams.


Your students, faculty, and staff just want a safe learning environment.


Learn how three educational institutions found the best way to keep students safe by deploying a cloud security solution that provides built-in identification of and protection from:

•             Trespassers

•             Poor behavior

•             Unforeseen incidents

•             Theft

•             High-risk areas


Our video surveillance and management solution:

•             Needs no network video recorder (NVR) equipment

•             Quickly notifies the security and IT teams when a person is where they shouldn’t be

•             Instantly permits the security and IT teams to view and analyze real-time and historic video of school activities from any location

•             Directly identifies high-risk areas on campus using video analytics


We look forward to speaking with you about making your security vision a reality by deploying Cisco Meraki with zero-touch smart camera deployment and award-winning cloud management architecture."


Targeted Audience

Institutional Executives, IT Executives, IT Management, and IT Staff for the following:






Raymon Soellner, Jr., Associate Director Telecommunications at University of Maryland - Baltimore County

Bryan Myers, Senior Account Manager at Networking For Future, Inc.

Shannon Nagel, Product Sales Specialist at Cisco Meraki

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