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MEEC Event: Microsoft Accessibility Training 5/7 9am to 3pm

Enabling All Students - Microsoft Elkridge Training Center

April 11, 2019 10:37 AM


Children with disabilities make up the world’s largest and most disadvantaged minority in terms of education. When this is combined with students who are remote, unwell or otherwise homebound, school accessibility can look sorely lacking. As students are encouraged to take greater responsibility for their learning and develop technology skills, schools have a responsibility to provide accessible technology that can meet each student’s needs. This workshop builds understanding of practical solutions to supporting Personalized Learning for all students. 


Topics include:

• Successful inclusion and accessibility

• Free tools to support equal access 

• Practical solutions to support Personalized Learning for all students



Microsoft Elkridge Training Center

6518 Meadowridge Road, Suite 200
Elkridge, MD 21075


Targeted Audience:

Academic Technologists, Student Support, Disability Services         




Nic Finelli, Microsoft MIE Master Trainer,

Matthew Nickerson, Microsoft Innovative Educator

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