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Webinar - VSGi/Pexip 5.21

Distance Learning in a Time of Crisis

May 15, 2020 9:28 AM

VSGI- Distance Learning In a Time of Crisis - Pexip - Presented by VSGi & Pexip

  5.21.2020,10:30 am to 11:30 am


The co-hosted Pexip/VSGi webinar will cover Pexip as a distance learning conferencing solution platform option for MEEC members. Topics being covered in the webinar will include an overview of the Pexip Virtual Meeting Room and how conferencing works in the Pexip Platform and the safety protocols in place to protect Members private information. We will also cover Pexip Interoperability with other conferencing platforms including Google, Zoom, Poly, Cisco Webex and Teams. 

Targeted Audience

All MEEC Members


Rahsaan Wood - Host - VSGi MEEC Specialist
Manoja Wimalkantha - Host - VSGi Sales Director
Ken Short - Presenter - Pexip Director, Enterprise Solutions, Mid-Atlantic Region
Lindsey Baine - Presenter - Pexip Marketing Manager
Tim Sheehan - Presenter - Pexip VP Of Enterprise Solutions


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