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CDW-G-Ransomware: Real World Guidance & Best Practices 11.17

November 10, 2020 4:42 PM

CDW-G-Ransomware: Real World Guidance and Best Practices

11.17.2020,10:00 am to 11:00 am


Ransomware is a common method of cyber extortion for financial gain. It’s a type of attack that instantly prevents users from interacting with their files, applications or systems until the victim pays the ransom and the attacker restores access with a decryption key. This presentation will provide an overview on the ransomware landscape today and best practices organizations should take to defend themselves and be able to respond to ransomware attacks. As the global leader in cyber threat intelligence and incident response, we will share findings and lessons learned from our work on the front lines

Target Audience

Ransomware, like many cyber threats, affects organizations holistically. While some examples used during the presentation may be more technical, this presentation is intended for anyone who would like to learn the latest in the ransomware landscape and steps their organization can take to protect themselves against this threat.


Ben Woolsey, Senior Managing Consultant, Mandiant (FireEye)
Robert Kulak, Enterprise Account Manager, FireEye
Erica Kordes, Account Executive, CDWG 

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