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Data Networks

Data Networks
216 Schilling Circle Suite 104
Hunt Valley, MD 21031

Groups and Brands Awarded:
Group Brand Discount from List Price*
Desktop and Portable Dell 11% to 30%
Data Storage Dell 11% to 30%*
Server Computers Dell 11% to 30%
Network Hardware Aruba 32% to 36%
Network Hardware Dell 11% to 40%*
Network Hardware Juniper 47%
Network Hardware Pulse Products 47%
Virtual Computing Systems VMWare 2% to 23%
Peripheral Devices Dell** 2% to 15%

* Minimum discount, some discounts may be better for specific quotes. There may be exceptions where discounts are lower.
** Contractor may sell other peripheral devices with a unit price under $5,000.00 each under the contract. Data Networks is a preferred provider for Dell peripherals.

Data Networks MEEC Sales Team

Bradley Kaplon
410-823-3000 ext. 3013