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9065 Guilford Road
Columbia, MD 21046

Groups and Brands Awarded: ESI is a Solutions Contractor for HP.
Group Brand Discount from List Price*
Desktop and Portable HP 22%
Data Storage HP 24% to 26%
Server Computers HP 20% to 24%
Network Hardware Barracuda 16%
Network Hardware Brocade 44%
Network Hardware Cisco 36% to 39%
Network Hardware HP 40%*
Network Hardware Meraki 21%
Virtual Computing Systems Pano Logic 10%
Virtual Computing Systems nComputing 23%
Peripheral Devices** HP** 2% to 20%

* Minimum discount, some discounts may be better for specific quotes. There may be exceptions where discounts are lower. HP offers special pricing for HP “Smart Buy” items. The standard discount will not apply to HP “Smart Buy” items. Discount on HP “Smart Buy” items will be 1% to 5%, depending on the item.
** Contractor may sell other peripheral devices with a unit price under $5,000.00 each under the contract. ESI is a preferred provider for HP peripherals.

Inside Sales: Reegan Eyler, Robin Atilano
Phone: 800-653-6306
Fax: 757-497-2095

Website URL:

Problem Escalation:
Sales Manager: Lisa Folk
Phone: 240-205-4622