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JANUS Associates Inc

JANUS Associates Inc

2 Omega Drive, Stamford, CT 06907


1. IT Processes
2. End user and Systems Admin Security Awareness Training
3. Electronci Discovery (including preservation)
4. Data Backup and Recovery
5. Compliance with Applicable Laws, Regulations and Common Contractual Obligations
6. Software Licensure and Compliance
7. Computer and/or Incident Forensics
9. Security Related Technologies
10. Security related aspects of desktop Configuration
11. Security related aspects of server configuration
12. Internet Load balancing and traffic management
13. Access Control Mechanisms
14. War Dialing
15. Vulnerability assessment and/or penetration Testing
17. Risk Assessment and Assurance
18. Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery
19. Certification and Accredation of Information Systems
20. Custom Application Vulnerability Assessment
21. Energy Consumption Audit
22. Cloud computing security

Chief Operating Officer: Lyle Liberman
203-251-0222 fax