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High Performance Computing & Google Cloud Webinar 7/13

Google’s public cloud can complement & extend your campus

June 30, 2017 1:38 PM


The Higher Education & Research Google Cloud Platform team would like to invite you to a 45-minute webinar next month to learn about how Google’s public cloud can complement and extend your campus HPC to best serve the campus research community.  You have made significant investments in high performance computing, however meeting ever expanding computing needs and supporting the latest technologies available can be difficult and expensive. Join us to learn how GCP can further enable your campus community to think bigger and reach insights faster.


The webinar will take place on Thursday July 13th at 1pm EST/10am PST. Click here to register.


During this webinar we will cover the following:

·  Why Google’s Cloud?

·  High Performance Computing & GCP

oExtending your environment for batch processing

oInnovative Technologies: GPUs, TPUs

oPrice to Performance Advantage: Preemptible Machines, Custom Machines, Discounts

·  Spotlight: MIT Principal Research Scientist, Andrew Sutherland,  shares his GCP experience

·  Answers to your questions

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