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Vendor Webinars and In-person Seminars

  • MEEC offers Vendors the opportunity to present webinars and in-person seminars
  • Webinars and seminars are intended as a Vendor Return-On-Investment for products and services purchased through a MEEC Agreement or innovative Topics of Interest for the MEEC Membership
    • MEEC recognizes that our Vendors are partners and by offering value added services we strengthen those relationships and provide a greater level of value for the MEEC Membership
    • The MEEC Office assists our Vendors by helping them remain engaged with the MEEC Membership
  • Webinars and In-person seminars may be scheduled during the academic year mid-September through mid-May, as well as when new MEEC Agreements are established.
    • Offered Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday generally in the AM
    • Webinars usually are 1 hour (45 min with a 15 min Q&A)
    • MEEC creates/sends announcement, accepts registration, sends reminders and logon info
    • MEEC will kickoff the webinar and close the webinar, announcing as well as thanking the presenters and the Members
    • MEEC Vendor schedules the webinar or rents space for in-person seminars (UMBC South)
  • Following the presentation – MEEC sends the presentation and supporting materials to those registered for the event and posts these items to MEEC website under Event Journal.
  • MEEC asks that Vendors include contact info on last slide for questions and feedback
  • The MEEC Office does not share the e-mail addresses of our Members
  • The MEEC Office must have information 3 weeks in advance for webinars, 5 weeks for in-person seminars
    • Title of Presentation
    • Description
    • Duration
    • Presenters with Titles
    • Logon Information
    • Intended Audience
    • etc