Adobe products are available from Bell Techlogix under MEEC’s Cumulative Licensing Agreement (CLP) with support under the MEEC Adobe Systems, Inc. Enterprise Term License Agreement (ETLA). These agreements allow MEEC members efficiently purchase Adobe software at negotiated rates. Bell Techlogix also offers a discount on Adobe products not covered under MEEC’s CLP and ETLA agreements.
K-20 members must first execute a CLP 5.0 Affiliate Agreement to purchase products under the program. Below are the Bell Techlogix contacts for more information.
Contract Details
RFP Number: #21P-002
Agreement Term:  4/24/2021 – 4/23/2024

The Agreement includes options for two additional two-year renewal periods.

Support Options

  • Agreement for Contracted Services #21P-002, Howard Community College – Bell Techlogix    | 04/24/2021 – 04/23/2024 | with two (2) additional two-year renewal options
  • Adobe Sales Order (Consortium) Contract No. 00767843, Ref. Agreement No. DR2268878 | 08/27/2019-08/26/2022
  • Adobe Sales Order (Consortium Amendment) Contract No. 00775519, Agreement No. DR2268878 | 08/27/2019-08/26/2022


Adobe Reseller – Bell Techlogix

Bryan Zatkulakbzatkulak@belltechlogix.com888-989-8560
USM Institutions, JHU Affiliates and MSDE

Dana McNeildmcneil@belltechlogix.com877-394-7900
All K-12 Private Schools and K-12 Public Schools M-Z

Lisa Goolsbylgoolsby@belltechlogix.com877-213-5990
Public Libraries, Community and Private Colleges, and K12 Public Schools A-L

Outside Sales Account Managers– Primary Contacts for Service Requests, Help Desk Inquiries or Onsite Visits

Sarah  – 800-962-3550




Account Managers– Primary Contacts for  Additional Licensing Information

  • John Ziegler |Enterprise Account Manager | Adobe | T 646 533 2026 |

General Sales questions or support

Additional Support Resources:

When institutions have an issue with Adobe software, they should use the following options:

  • Case Issue
    A system admin can go to the Support tab of the Adobe Admin Console, and open a case. The case will go to our Customer Support (CS) team to address. CS will look for a time for a call with the institution to go over the issue to resolve. If the issue isn’t being addressed or solved from the institution’s perspective, the institution can reach out to Andre Lampkins to escalate.
  • Expert Session
    A system admin can also request a Session in the Support tab of his/her Adobe Admin Console for a call on software deployment practices or features of a product. Sessions can be recorded and shared across campuses.
  • Please use the support tab in the Adobe Enterprise Administrative Console:
  • Self-Service Support–
  • Customer & Technical Support |