MEEC Governance Statements


The Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium members will identify major educational technology initiatives through committed collaboration that can be supported by a coordinated procurement and contracting process for educational, academic, and research non-profit organizations. The consortium will manage this process to achieve maximum productivity and effectiveness in the acquisition and delivery of products and services. Additionally it will seek and offer other services such as workshops and training that support the use and usability of procured technology.


The Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium offers centrally coordinated and negotiated procurement opportunities for member organizations to gain economic advantage and value in the acquisition of products and services that are beneficial to the educational enterprise. These member organizations collectively interact with prospective vendors and develop specifications to procure cost effective, high quality product and service solutions.


  1. To provide its members cost effective procurement opportunities and resources to acquire and/or license technological hardware and software at competitive prices.
  2. To provide its members technology relevant services, e.g., training, maintenance of purchases, consulting, etc.
  3. To provide its members opportunities for interaction with vendors and industry experts for the purpose of reviewing future and current product and service offerings.
  4. To provide quality products and services that enable the member organizations to respond to the ever-changing needs of faculty, staff and students.
  5. To transmit information to member organizations about the contracts that have been negotiated.


The Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium is an organization that fosters a coordinated procurement and contracting process for the acquisition of technology in member educational organizations. As a customer directed organization, we value:

Excellence: We will strive to ensure quality outcomes as a result of leveraged and collaborative procurement and contracting business processes.

Accountability: We are committed to the acquisition of cost effective products and services that will benefit a maximum number of educational organizations yet provide an acceptable solution to those organizations with unique situations.

Engagement: We will implement a continuous input process to identify those procurement and contracting opportunities that have the most positive impact on our educational organizations.

Respect: We will treat every educational organization equally and with the same level of courtesy and honesty that we expect for ourselves.

Success: We will establish efficient and expeditious procurement and contracting efforts to achieve the highest level of customer satisfaction.

High Standards: We will pursue, support and periodically evaluate industry-wide “best procurement and contracting practices.”

Integrity: We will approach our efforts with a foundation of ethics and fairness that justifies our constituency’s continuous trust.

Professionalism: We will foster relationships with both the educational organizations we serve and the vendors we support to ensure a positive working environment.