Information for Vendors

The Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium is happy to provide our vendors with this valuable information to help you serve our members and understand MEEC and our agreements. The MEEC Office provides our vendor partners with many services and opportunities to enhance the purchasing experience for the MEEC Membership. We believe that our vendors are our partners and believe in strengthening our relationships to better serve the MEEC Community.

MEEC’s Mission
The Maryland Education Enterprise Consortium offers centrally coordinated and negotiated procurement opportunities for member organizations to gain economic advantage and value in the acquisition of products and services that are beneficial to the educational enterprise. These member organizations collectively interact with prospective vendors and develop specifications to procure cost effective, high quality product and service solutions.

MEEC Vendor Program
Consistent with our mission, MEEC also offers significant opportunities to its vendor partners. By establishing master contracts, MEEC relieves vendors of the need to respond to a massive number of individual RFPs resulting in the savings of time and resources for each of our vendors. In addition, MEEC offers client facing opportunities throughout the year:

• MEEC Vendors are invited to host webinars for the MEEC Membership. Webinars may be scheduled generally in the AM on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday each week during the academic year. The MEEC Office will promote and register members for each event. Presentations (if available) are emailed to the registrants and are posted to the MEEC Website. Vendors are responsible for scheduling and administering the web conference service.

• MEEC Vendors are invited to host in-person seminars for the MEEC Membership. The seminars may be held at the MEEC Office at the UMBC Tech South Campus. The MEEC Office will aid in coordinating and promoting the event. Vendors are responsible for rental fees and refreshments.

MEEC Conference and Vendor Showcase
• MEEC Vendors are encouraged to participate in the annual MEEC Conference. MEEC hosts a statewide education conference which includes a Keynote address, Member and Vendor breakout sessions, and the Vendor Showcase. MEEC offers various levels of sponsorship that give all of our vendors regardless of size the opportunity to participate in the conference in a meaningful way.
Only MEEC Vendors and Members can attend this event.

2024 Vendor Set Up Details

2024 Conference Information

2024 Vendor Registration Instructions

2024 Session Proposal Information

• MEEC follows University System of Maryland Procurement Policies and Procedures guidelines which requires vendors establish MEEC agreements through a competitive process. In most cases, a Request for Proposal process is used where a vendor is selected based on best value (both technical qualifications and price.) Often the result of the process is a multi-vendor award to best serve the diverse needs of the MEEC Membership. In addition to this process, agreements may be negotiated with sole source vendors.
• Awarded contracts may only be used by MEEC Members that are in good standing. It is the awarded contractors responsibility to insure only MEEC Members purchase via the contract. A list of the most current MEEC Members can be found via the MEEC Website: