MEEC membership is open to K-20 public, private, federal institutions, and public libraries in the state of Maryland.

Members of MEEC pay yearly (July 1 – June 30) dues according to their FTE count, as outlined in the Tier Membership Pricing chart. The FTE formula is also listed. Dues paying members are entitled to purchase off of all current and future agreements. Institutions interested in becoming members are asked to complete the membership form and submit to the MEEC Office, Room 2.018, 1450 South Rolling Road, Baltimore, MD 21227.

Download the MEEC Membership Application



Tier #

Range of FTE


1 1-100 $250
2 101-500 $500
3 501-1000 $1000
4 1001-2500 $2000
5 2501-5000 $3000
6 5001-10000 $3750
7 10001 and greater $4000
FTE Formula

Full-Time Faculty + Full-Time Staff + 1/3 Part-Time Faculty + 1/2 Part-Time Staff. Institutions may exclude non-pc users, defined as users who do not use a computer or who use a computer one hour or less per week, such as maintenance, groundskeepers, and cafeteria workers.