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Microsoft-Juggling Competing Priorities - 11.18

November 10, 2020 4:45 PM

Microsoft-Juggling Competing Priorities: Managing Safety, Resourcing & Student Outcomes

11.18.2020,10:00 am to 11:00 am


The pandemic has caused administrators to worry about issues you never imagined when you accepted this job, including logistics, contact tracing, and what PPE is, much less how much you have on-hand.  This era has illuminated the need for schools to be more agile than ever before, and the most innovative administrators are taking it as a challenge.


Join us to learn and see about how districts are using technology to answer the challenges of today with solutions that are going to be valuable long-term, including crisis management and teacher absenteeism. We will also discuss some of the most forward-thinking trends some administrators are taking on in order to break away from historic systems that don’t support the National College & Career Readiness Indicators.

Target Audience

Business decision makers, IT decision makers, Procurement, Operations


Kelly Sundberg, Director of Business Applications for Primary & Secondary Education, Microsoft


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