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Daly Computers

22521 Gateway Center Drive
Clarksburg, MD 20871

[MDOT MBE Certification 90-727]

Groups and Brands Awarded:
Group Brand Discount from List Price*
Desktop and Portable Asus 2% to 20%
Desktop and Portable Fujitsu 13%
Desktop and Portable HP* 22%*
Desktop and Portable Lenovo 31%
Desktop and Portable Motion 10% to 15%
Desktop and Portable Panasonic; 9% to 16%
Desktop and Portable Sony 5%
Desktop and Portable Toshiba 8% to 15%
Data Storage Buffalo 42%
Data Storage Data Domain 12%
Data Storage ExaGrid 25%
Data Storage HP 25% to 30%*
Data Storage IBM 10% to 18%
Data Storage Revinetix (Eversync) 15%
Data Storage Tintri 8%
Server Computers HP 7% to 22%
Server Computers IBM 10%
Server Computers Lenovo 23%
Network Hardware AeroHive 25%
Network Hardware Aruba 32%
Network Hardware Alcatel 38%
Network Hardware Barracuda 14%
Network Hardware Blue Cat 21%
Network Hardware Brocade 40%
Network Hardware Cisco 35%
Network Hardware EntraSys 35%
Network Hardware HP 25% to 35%*
Network Hardware Juniper 30%
Network Hardware LG Ericson 15%
Network Hardware Meraki 18%
Network Hardware nCircle 9%
Network Hardware Nitro Security 30%
Network Hardware Palo Alto 15%
Network Hardware Q-Logic 38%
Network Hardware Smoothwall 20%
Network Hardware SonicWall 22% to 25%
Virtual Computing Systems HP 3% to 22%
Virtual Computing Systems Microsoft 3% to 20%
Virtual Computing Systems nComputing 18% to 23%
Virtual Computing Systems VM Ware 3% to 20%
Virtual Computing Systems Wyse 5% to 12%
Peripheral Devices** ** Varies by brand

* Minimum discount, some discounts may be better for specific quotes. There may be exceptions where discounts are lower. HP offers special pricing for HP “Smart Buy” items. The standard discount will not apply to HP “Smart Buy” items. Discount on HP “Smart Buy” items will be 1% to 5%, depending on the item.
* Contractor may sell other peripheral devices with a unit price under $5,000.00 each under the contract. Daly is a preferred provider for all peripherals.

Director – Sales: Jeff Di Bella

Email:, and

Phone: 301-670-0381 xt. 455